FMPSG 014 - Mystic Aurora

by snout on 29-10-2010, 13:53
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Since we last reported about FMPSG, no less than 5 releases of these Japanese chiptune audio CDs were released. Each of these CDs contains one or more tracks composed with MSX soundchips by well known Japanese chiptune artists like Wiz, Beepboy and Chabinn. On October 31st, the 14th edition of FMPSG, dubbed Mystic Aurora, will be released. The CD contains an MSX tracks from Beepboy, three MSX tracks from Chabinn and several tracks that use GXSCC. On the FMPSG Discography you can listen to short mp3 previews of most of the tracks. A nice sample preview is also available right here on Youtube

Relevant link: FMPSG website

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29-10-2010, 17:45

Nice! Cool