Moonblaster Wave songs by Eric van Hezik

by snout on 18-12-2003, 18:48
Topic: Music

Today we have added several Moonblaster Wave songs to our downloads database, which now contains more than 300 freeware MSX files. The songs we have added today are all covers of well known songs, arranged by Eric van Hezik. (Thanks for sending them in, Eric!). If you would like your songs, graphics, demos, games, tools etc. hosted on the MRC, send an email to Here's a list of the files we added:

You can listen to these songs when you have a Moonsound (as sold by Sunrise) or an emulator that can emulate this soundcard. Happy listening!

Relevant link: Freeware downloads database

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By Latok

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18-12-2003, 21:17

Do I see Robbie Williams on the frontpage of the MSX Resource Center? Do I REALLY see this? Tongue

By SolidEric

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18-12-2003, 21:41

Yes yes, it's Robbie! :-)