by enribar on 29-07-2002, 14:27
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I'm writing an article about and, of course, strings of MSX games ringtones, for Nokya mobiles. I tell you this because I've seen a post on the forum.This MSXTones project is born on Italian MSX user meeting: Fausto Mollichella of Freesoft MSX Magazine launched this challenge! So on next issue of this magazine there will be a large collection of MSX games ringtones and Win tools and explanations how to use them!

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By enribar

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29-07-2002, 16:18

Enrico again on MSXTones...

For ex. this is beta version of Goonies for Nokya:

d=4, o=7, b=63:16b.4, 32g.4, 16b.4, 32g.4, 16c.5, 16b.4, 16a.4, 32g.4, 32a4, b4, 32d.4, 16e.4, 32e.4, 32e.4, 32e.4, 32f#.4, 32g.4, 32a.4, 8g4, 32b.4, 32b.4, 16b.4, 16b.4, 16c.5, 16b.4, 16a.4, 8g4, 32g.4, 32g.4, 32g.4, 32a.4, 16b.4, 16f#.4, 32f#.4, 16g.4, 16a.4, 8b.4, 16d.5, 16c.5, 16b.4, 16a.4, 16g.4, 16f#.4, 8g.4, 16b.4, 16a.4, 16g.4, 16f#.4, 16e.4, 16d#.4, 8e.4, 16d.5, 16c.5, 16b.4, 16a.4, 32g.4, 8b4, 32a.4, 8g4, 16b4, 32b4, 16b.4, 16g4, 32g4, 16g.4, 16b.4, 16b.4, 8b.4, 16b4, 32b4, 32b.4, 32a.4, 16g4, 32a4, 16g.4, 16c.5, 16c.5, 32c.5, 32d5, e5, 32d.5, d.5, 32b.4, 32d.5, 32d.5, 16d.5, 16d.5, 16e.5, 32g.4, 32b.4, 32d.5, 16g5, 16f#5, 32e.5, 16d.5, 32d5, 16e5


By Psy_duck

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01-08-2002, 23:31

Hy. I'm Fausto M. of Freesoft Msx Club Rome. Thanx for publish this idea on Msx.Org.

The following lines contains music from YS2 for Nokia.

I will develop other ringtones for Ericsson T28 and T68. Stay tuned.

Fausto "Psyduck"