New music CD MSX MIDI Remakes

New music CD MSX MIDI Remakes

by Oscar on 19-06-2019, 04:03 translated by Pac
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José Manuel López (co-director of FKD) and his team are going to release a new music CD.

Working on this CD, Ramón Robles (RDR) in the graphic design area, Xavi Sorinas contributing with his great musical knowledge also creating some of the included themes, Ramón Castillo advising and evaluating the tunes and Francisco Morales who encouraged and pushed José Manuel to make this work and return to the MSX scene, as well as in many other aspects.

José Manuel says that currently is much easier to perform this kind of projects thanks to the new existing tools and programs released for other platforms. Besides, for this new music CD, José Manuel used a recently acquired Roland SC-88 Pro which improves his previous MIDI configuration obtaining higher quality creations.

Based on other existing MIDI files, they created new and improved versions using the following technique: the MIDI tracks were doubled, even tripled and all the information was sent to different MIDI modules with different instruments. The result of each module was recorded separately and then mixed.

The main tunes can be listened with two different instruments, improvements and echos obtaining a very good result. Drums have been retouched, adding new ones and even removing them. In short, all the MIDI tunes have been enriched with new instruments and effects.

There is a lot of work and tests behind this product in order to achieve the desired sound taking into account the opinions of all contributors. We hope you like it. José Manuel and all his team worked with eagerness to create a new MSX production.

You can purchase this new CD at the next 55th Barcelona MSX meeting (29th June 2019), for a price of 6 euro. You can also get your copy through Francisco Morales

Relevant link: promotional video

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  • New music CD MSX MIDI Remakes
  • New music CD MSX MIDI Remakes

Comments (3)

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

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19-06-2019, 11:35

@2:15 in the promo video there's a note that doesn't belong there. Other harmonies are somewhat altered compared to the original, but that's the arranger's freedom I guess. That note though is truly harmonically wrong. Wink

By meits

Scribe (6572)

meits's picture

19-06-2019, 16:43

Personally I would redo the entire King's Valley II cover, but that's a purely subjective opinion. I was a bit mislead by Maze of Galious as well, but it's good that the arranger added some own creativity. Nevertheless, I wish them good sales.


Paladin (864)

WORP3's picture

10-08-2019, 18:32

I do think I hear some MIDI-PAC effects in some numbers, perhaps used as a starting point for some numbers Wink