PSG.MOE #02: La Campanella

by snout on 03-04-2007, 13:32
Topic: Music

On April 1st, the second edition of PSG.MOE, a competition in which different chiptune composers try to release a PSG re-arrangement of a song that is not easily re-arranged on a 3 or 4 channel PSG alone. This time, they took a shot at re-arranging Franz Liszt's piano etude La Campanella. So far, Hackurl, DRM and Wiz have released their interpretations of the song into the competition.

In the previous edition, 4 different versions of the song 'Soul on Desert', as featured in the SEGA game Sega Rally 2 were released.

Relevant link: PSG.MOE

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By Gilneas2

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04-04-2007, 01:21

DRM's mp3 keeps giving me 503s. Even using the link from his website
( from here )

In my opinion, I don't like how Hackurl's begins (first 9 seconds). The grooviness works surprisingly well. It's quite brilliant.

Wiz's is a much closer rendition. Play it simultaneously with or right after a midi of the original. You will appreciate it more.
The changes in volume and such which simulate the piano are a bit too strong. The beginning (first 6 seconds) is lovely!

I am really glad PSG.MOE is continuing, and I'm even more glad that they're not doing just game-music! More classical stuff like this is awesome.

By snout

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04-04-2007, 13:59

The DRM version works just fine here. (Who said music + DRM == evil? ^_^). I particularly like the Hackurl version though, as he managed to make something heavily chiptune out of a classical tune. Could be used in a great game without any further adaptation.

By Manuel

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04-04-2007, 19:01

I also like Hackurl's song very much! It sounds very original and fresh and the sound effects are quite cool. The other songs are also great, but I found this one particularly good Smile

By poke-1,170

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10-04-2007, 03:41

oh, classical music and chiptune ?
thumbs up on the wiz one, the funk certainly works like a charm Smile
plus the added whistling audiences made me think of hypersports ^_^

By poke-1,170

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15-04-2007, 04:22

played wiz's version this weekend in a dj set Smile
rather amusing between 2 gangstarr tracks ^_^