Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but nakedness is so delightful... Are we there again? Once more it's time to run naked in a field of flowers, even at current freezing temperatures! This RNFF mania popped up on MRC ages ago through J-War. Later on it was turned into a wacky game by Infinite - made in about five days. Many years after the game's release Wolf uplifted the game's music into the realm of the orchestra. All parts were played naked, except for the clash cymbals - for reasons.

Jokes aside; it contains the intro, and the two level songs. Wolf being Wolf, it's all been vastly expanded. Not just in terms of arrangement, but also in length and content. Simply put: new music in the style of the game! It'll be Christmas shortly, the song even has sleigh bells and syrupy family reunion tear jerking with happy endings! So, if you can't stand yet another rerun of Home Alone, try this for a change; dressed or naked!

Relevant link: RNFF - by Wolf

Comments (3)

By karloch

Prophet (2159)

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23-12-2021, 21:39

Love the tune! Impressive work Wolf!

By Bengalack

Paladin (802)

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25-12-2021, 14:43

Three great scores! High production value for sure!

By thegeps

Paragon (1251)

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25-12-2021, 23:27

Wow! 9 minutes running naked... really a great piece, Wolf! Chapeau!