Unpleasant Cell by Daria

by snout on 01-01-2005, 16:57
Topic: Music

HackURL starts the new year with 3 new mp3 releases, one of which is a contribution from Daria created in MuSica. It's a PSG arrangement from Konami's shoot'em-up Gradius III. For this song, called Unpleasant Cell, Daria decided to only use PSG sounds.

Relevant link: HackURL

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By Hally

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01-01-2005, 19:25

well, Unpleasant Cell is not a hackurl's work but a contribution from Daria. Differently from Hackurl, his contributions are really based on the MSX (made with the MuSICA driver). Also, Gradius III is not Nemesis 3, though his announcement is a bit confusing.

By snout

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01-01-2005, 19:29

/me decides to wait on the announcements at vorc next time ^_^