WYZTracker version

WYZTracker version

by JohnHassink on 16-05-2012, 18:52
Topic: Music

As announced in this thread by chiptune scene veteran WYZ, Spanish 8-bit developer Retroworks issued a brand new version of their WYZTracker, a tool which serves to create music to be played with the WYZPlayer. With this Windows application, seemingly partly inspired by Vortrex Tracker II, you can create PSG Music for MSX, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. The download of the whole package can be found at the bottom of the manual page, just click the blue text above and then the blue arrow below. Some example songs are included. OpenAL is required to run this program, in case it's not present it will automatically ask if you wish to install it.

Relevant link: WYZTracker Manual page

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By JohnHassink

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16-05-2012, 21:47

[WYZ], every time I make a newspost, I can't seem to manage to put your nickname + link to your profile 100% correctly, because it goes wrong with the brackets. Sorry about that.

By [WYZ]

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16-05-2012, 21:57

Ups!, never mind. It reminds me when I registered for first time wrongly my nick in MRC. So don't care...Tongue

By Vampier

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17-05-2012, 02:04

feedback time: My favorite PSG tracker already!

1) if you make the pattern shorter while playing you get a .net error saying the index is out of bounds
2) on my laptop I cannot see the last 2 bars of the editor; please make a rescaler for non 4:3 monitors.

By shaiwa

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17-05-2012, 13:47

Nice, works and sound great [WYZ]
One thing, the Test buttons don't work here Sad

By [WYZ]

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17-05-2012, 16:43

Hey! thanks to Augusto Ruiz. He is the genius coder of the tracker. I'm only the Player/format coder.

By [WYZ]

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17-05-2012, 16:46

@shaiwa,@Vampier... we will include all those segestions/fixes Big smile.