MSX Info Update 2005 - Photoshoot 2

by Bart on 12-09-2005, 23:03
Topic: Photo shoots

On August 27th, the MSX Info Update meeting was held in Helsinki, Finland. NYYRIKKI sent us a large set of photo's of this meeting, which you can view in the photoshoots section. Interesting photo's are, for example, the Holland Bingo machine, the gold version of Kings Valley II, Konami's Keyboard Master including the sound synthesizer, etc. Just take a look for yourself:

Relevant link: MSX Info Update 2005 - Photoshoot

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By legacy

Hero (570)

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13-09-2005, 11:42

I love the windows free zoneLOL!
And I'm a bit curious about the speech synthesizerQuestion I like to know more this thingy


Enlighted (5918)

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13-09-2005, 12:11

I'm not sure, wich speech synthesizer you mean...

Konami speech synthesizer works with CALL VOICE("XXX") command and actually can just say name of the letters (in english) in a row. The synthesizer also knows few words, that are used in the game and some special japanese voices. Soon you can try this with BlueMSX.

Tokamoka speech synthesizer can really produce Finnish speech and even quite nicely! It is connected to printer port and can be used with LPRINT "XXX" command. From the top of the thing you can change speech altitude/speed and volume.

By legacy

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13-09-2005, 17:24

I mean the synth on page 6 last row. it seem to me that this is a homebrew project

By BiFi

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13-09-2005, 18:06

That's Konami Keyboard Master... It's a prototype title. I doubt it was ever really released.