Retromallorca - first impressions

by Morg on 26-09-2010, 19:26
Topic: Photo shoots

Today was the day of Retromallorca, a meeting full o' computer legends from the 80's; MSX, Commodore, Macintosh, Apple, Spectrum, Amiga and more! There's a lot of photo and video coverage of this event, including media coverage. Here is a photo shoot to start with, while RTV Mallorca has an item about Retromallorca. Here is an impression of the meeting and here is still more coverage, including yet another video. And this was just the harvest of today, who knows what more we'll see of this event in the next few days!

Relevant link: Retromallorca

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By wolf_

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26-09-2010, 19:37

Great coverage! A note to readers: the links are in the post, the relevant link is irrelevant today.. (but you gotta have a relevant link eh Tongue)

By konamiman

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27-09-2010, 09:27

I think that my presentation was quite boring: my own son yawned! Tongue

By the way if someone is curious: (skip to minute 36)

By spl

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08-10-2010, 06:04

Humm SaveR is still alive ^^