Earlier we reported about the remastered versions of the BCF Diskstations. These remasters solved a problem with weird filenames that caused the disks to sometimes give problems on certain hardware and also making it hard to copy them to a new disk.

The only problem that was left with the remasters was that they didn't work on the MegaFlash ROM SCC+ SD extension. Fortunately larsthe18th investigated some more and also fixed this last problem. So users can now finally enjoy the BCF Diskstations on their MegaFlash ROM SCC+ SD too. The updated disk images have been replaced in our downloads database.

Relevant link: BCF Discstation 1-6 - remastered

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By ray2day

Paladin (685)

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16-03-2014, 22:07

superrr! Cool

By meits

Scribe (6491)

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16-03-2014, 22:54

Good news and keep up the good work...
Those copy protections from the past surely has worked in its disadvantage when it comes to preservation.
A lot more software can be upgraded for the megaflashromscc+sd. Every musicdisk, demo, game or diskmagazine that uses the official basic.bin of Moonblaster 1.4 will load the samplekit wrong. The only basic musicdisk that does it right is dIIsk which uses the Bifi enhanced/Near Dark requested basic.bin driver.

Happy modding :D

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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17-03-2014, 23:09

Thank you very much! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Totally agree Meits Wink .

Edit: A note. To load the BCF without problems,turn on the computer while holding down the keys D and 1.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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19-03-2014, 10:09

Thanks mesiasmsx, D+1 in a real Turbo R machine, in MSX2 machines don´t need it.

By mesiasmsx

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19-03-2014, 21:10

Thanks to you Valkyr.

I forgot comment this one was in TR.

By Samor

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11-07-2014, 22:58

I tried these remasters for the first time today and according to BCF Diskstation #1 Sander (Strootman) has his birthday today. Never knew it had that easteregg in it.
So, HPBD Sander ;-)