EdiOS 0.1

by snout on 28-11-2006, 16:11
Topic: Software
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Almost a month ago, a new version of EdiOS, a graphical user interface for MSX, was released. Contrary to SymbOS, EdiOS is not an OS replacement, but a graphical shell for MSX-DOS2. On the EdiOS website you can download the latest version, view more information and several screen shots of the project.

Relevant link: EdiOS

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30-11-2006, 01:33

Althought I'm not involved, I'm sorry that this GUI is now fighting against SymbOS. Few months earlyer this would have taken all the attention of MSX community.

I'm very happy to see a new GUI for MSX and I hope, that EdiOS can replace MultiMente in future.

I hope SymbOS and EdiOS will take MSX usage to next level.

By Algorythms

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30-11-2006, 21:16

I too think this will be great to have, since we will still need to use msx dos for certain things.