FAT16 driver 0.09 - Invalid attributes patch

by snout on 30-04-2006, 14:37
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Although probably more people had run into the problem before already, Diederick76 recently started a thread on our active MSX forum, mentioning the trouble he had when using xcopy on FAT16 partitions. Sooner or later, an 'Invalid attributes' error would occur. After looking for some workarounds in this forum thread, Konamiman found the error, which occurred when using two or more FIB's with different values of bit 16-23 at the same time.

By using free space within the FIB itself to store the correct values fo these bits, commands such as XCOPY can be used safely again within a FAT16 environment. Although Okei is likely to release a new version of her FAT16 driver soon, Konamiman has already released a patched version of the current driver over here.

Relevant link: FAT16 driver 0.09 - Invalid attributes patch

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By konamiman

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30-04-2006, 15:03

Well, it is not a patch of the last version, but of version 0.09 (the one for which I have the source). Anyway it should be useful as a "life vest" until Okei releases a new version.