FudeBrowZer configuration file - update

by snout on 18-03-2005, 15:38
Topic: Software
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One of the most well known utilities for the multitasking UNIX OS for MSX (UZIX) is FudeBrowZer: a genuine webbrowser for MSX1 and higher. To accomplish this, FudeBrowZer relies on so-called WILD (WWW Intelligent Lowsizer Daemon) servers that pre-processes data to make it more suitable to process and display on MSX computers.

As of today a new configuration file for FudeBrowZer is available, as the dynamic WILD server resolution was no longer functional. At the moment there are only two WILD servers up and running. If people are interested in running a WILD server and/or a round-robin DNS in order to bring the dynamic WILD server resolution feature back to life you can contact Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha, the developer of UZIX. You can find contact information on Uzix website.

Relevant link: UZIX

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By spl

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19-03-2005, 12:03

How I can copy the fb.conf file in my UZIX DISK?


By adrcunha

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19-03-2005, 18:12

Use dosread (if in UZIX) or ucp (if in MSXDOS).

By spl

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20-03-2005, 04:10

Ok Wink