Genic and Rijnstreek downloads added

by snout on 20-12-2003, 21:53
Topic: Software

Today we have added a collection of extremely interesting diskmagazines to our downloads database, being the magazines, picturedisks and special magazines of Genic and MSX Club Rijnstreek. Together, these two groups form the roots of Sunrise Foundation. Especially the Genic magazines (and later: all Sunrise releases) delivered a major contribution to the activity of the MSX Community in those days. The articles on Clubguide Magazine learned people how to code cool things in assembly, while many popular MSX groups (CAIN, Mi-Chi, Digital Performance, ANMA, RMF, Fuzzy Logic, etc.) demonstrated their skills on the Picturedisks. With every new magazine, every new picturedisk, you could see the skills and pride of these MSX groups grow. Download them all, and enjoy this important part of the history of the MSX Community!

Genic Clubguide Magazine

Genic Clubguide Picturedisk

Genic Clubguide Special

MSX Club Rijnstreek Future Magazine

After all these releases, Genic and MSX Club Rijnstreek merged and became Sunrise. We will add the Sunrise magazines, specials and picturedisks in the near future.

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Comments (3)

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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20-12-2003, 22:04

the DUTCH msx community that is..

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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20-12-2003, 22:10

There were international contributions to the Genic picturedisk,weren't there? (Well. at least something from Belgium Tongue)

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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20-12-2003, 23:44

True... And Mi-Chi wasn't dutch either...

BTW, I still resent the postman that once stole my Future Magazine disk that came with MSX Club Magazine!
I've never been able to find a new original of that :/