Way back in 1984, Parker Brothers released the game Gyruss, which was a conversion from the 1983 Konami arcade game by the same name, for the Colecovision. Gyruss is a semi 3D, or tube shooter that resembles games like Feedback and Space Harrier. Now, almost 28 years later, we finally get to play this game on MSX because GDX made a conversion from the Colecovision version.  

The conversion is based on the Mission Colecovision emulator for MSX and features some nice improvements such as SCC sound by default and improved support for keyboard and joysticks. More information and some screenshots can be found here.  

Relevant link: Gyruss for MSX

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By MäSäXi

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25-11-2011, 17:07

Next we need someone making cartridge version.. Big smile ...Thank you!


Enlighted (6564)

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25-11-2011, 22:25

how to activate the scc?

By Manuel

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25-11-2011, 23:09

It's enabled by default. (Checked by doing a toggle_vu_meters in openMSX console.)

By mars2000you

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25-11-2011, 23:10

Take a look at the txt file ! Wink

By Manuel

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26-11-2011, 11:55

The game plays pretty smoothly, but it's a tad easy, I'd say.

By mtini

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26-11-2011, 21:01

Great ! We need a cartridge version now ! LOL!

By Metalion

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26-11-2011, 21:36

Coooooool !!!! ... Gyruss is one of my all time favourite of the golden era of arcade video games.

By PlainSpooky

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26-11-2011, 23:35

Cool, really nice! But how can I runs it on a real MSX? I've tried ODO, but my MSX (FS A1ST) simply hangs. And with ExecROM (using 256Kb MegaRAM) I obtain COLECO's BIOS message.

By mars2000you

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27-11-2011, 00:37

It works with ROMLOAD + SCC-I.

I guess it can also be flashed in MEGA FLASH ROM SCC(+).

By spl

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02-12-2011, 05:01

Great Big smile

By hamlet

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25-11-2018, 10:40

I totally missed that. Very smooth gameplay. is this the same version Eric sells in the Reprofactory?

By gdx

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25-11-2018, 11:10

This is an enhanced version. The original sounds and musics are played by the SN76489 inside. In addition a few sound effets and musics have been added (which are played by the PSG MSX).

By Pencioner

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25-11-2018, 20:38

@hamlet There's some hidden feature on this cartidge from Reprofactory. It is possible to avoid loading game if Tab or ESC pressed. Then the SN76489 becomes available. Though, the chip initialization sequence is a little bit different from the one of Music Memory Mapper, so it is not supported in vgmplay. I hacked vgmplay once and i got sound from it. But, the sad story is that the chip from this cartridge can't be detected, you can just assume that it is always there (like you do for MSX PSG), and it is a rare thing anyway, so i didn't consider making a patch fot vgmplay. Even more - to support it some changes in MMM SN76489 code should be done - it should be changed to use memory mapped I/O for playing, leaving the port I/O for the chip from Gyruss cartridge, so the whole thing is a little bit more complicated

By Grauw

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27-11-2018, 15:03

Oh, interesting, for the MMM I'm actually required to use the port I/O because the memory mapped I/O was supposed to be too fast for the SN chip? But for this one you're saying that it actually wants to be accessed through the mapper?

By Pencioner

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27-11-2018, 15:34

I didn't try to use memory mapped I/O on the MMM yet, but i have read from documentation that it is possible. Maybe Eric can bring some light. The Gyruss cartridge seems to use only port I/O for SN chip, the differences are:

*) The chip is write-only so you never know if it is there. In the case of MMM you detect MMM and consider that chip is available too (which has some implications, see (II) below)
*) chip activation is different (so, even if you put it alongside the MMM you still have no sound from vgmplay, despite the port number is the same btw). To get sound i hacked vgmplay to just activate it with that other sequence and suppose that it is always available though

(II) Implications of MMM detection:
*) there's MMM and the regular mapper from Eric which has no SN chip, it is impossible to differ between them
*) Carnivore 2 has exactly the same kind of mapper used in FPGA so when C2's RAM is not disabled, and C2 is in lower slot than MMM - vgmplay tries to play over C2 and of course have no sound

I will write you details of Gyruss SN chip activation later, i have disassembled startup part of Gyruss once, and i've kept that hacked vgmplay which plays using it

By Pencioner

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27-11-2018, 20:33

Well, i looked into the changes i made back at June 11 to make sound out of Gyruss, funny enough, to init it you skip everything (including MMM slot detection of course), and just do:

        ld a, 020h
        out (MMM_CONTROL),a

after this any other writes to MMM_CONTROL produce sound as expected. I didn't try to disable it (not sure if it's possible though) so i changed MMM_Disable procedure to just RET. Simple enough, but for dual-chip support MMM+Gyruss I/O to MMM's SN chip should be changed to memory-mapped. Not sure if it has enough demand to have it done (how much actual users of Gyruss have also MMM and want to use both with vgmplay), i have tried it just because i was very curious