Japanese Freeware Downloads added

by snout on 23-12-2003, 11:40
Topic: Software

Today we added some nice Japanese freeware products to our ever growing downloads database:


  • Ballout is an addictive puzzle game. Guide a ball through a maze, collecting the dots on your way.
  • Ballout 2 is its follow-up with improved gameplay and new levels


  • Dancing is a turboR demo. Using the turboR's built-in microphone, the graphics dance to the sounds you make.
  • Melting screen makes it look like your screen is melting
  • Sandstorm looks like a TV without a signal.


  • CPUMODE shows and/or changes the CPU mode of the R800
  • IncRAM frees some memory under DOS2
  • ISE is a nice GFX editor
  • OPX is a cool music player which plays OPX files and songbooks in a nice graphical environment
  • Popcom compresses .COM files whilst retaining their functionallity
  • SMID is a simple yet effective tool to play MIDI files on turboR computers
  • Tree shows the directory tree of your (hard)disk (sources included)
  • Whereis finds the files you're looking for. (sources included)

Happy downloading!

Relevant link: MRC Freeware downloads database