Kralizec DRLPMMC Driver 0.1

by Ramones on 17-09-2007, 11:17
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The LPEMMC Driver consists of a BIOS, tools and a set of programs intended for handling the LPEMMC v1-v3 card or the MMC/SD Disk Interface Card by Yeongman Seo. Both boards use MultiMedia Cards and SD Cards as massive storing devices for the MSX family.

Features include:

  • Compatible with any MSX computer with a minimum of 16k RAM.
  • Support for DOS1, DOS2 or higher partitions in both FAT12 and FAT16
  • Embedded MSX-DOS 2.31 Kernel inside the system, fully functional on MSX1
  • Internal set of tools, no need for external tools
  • Tools available using CALL commands in BASIC (format, partition changing, card swapping)
  • Support for each MMC/SD card from 4 MB to 4 GB
  • DSK file(s) emulation as extended partition and boot
  • Possibility to disable all system interfaces during the BOOT DSK emulation
  • No need of use tools like IMPROVE to emulate DSK files
  • Support for card hot-swapping
  • Possibility of using memory mappers in MSX1 without needing the driver installation
  • Possibility of using the bigger memory mapper as the main one in turbo R and 2+ Panasonic MSX computers in DOS1 and DOS2.31
  • Compatible with Okei's FAT16 driver
  • Use of shortcut keys to avoid disk booting, force DOS2 for ROM games which require disk access, avoid the system
  • Easy-to-use GUI, 100% MSX1 compatible
  • Functional from any slot/subslot, primary or extended. No interference with other disk interfaces

Relevant link: DRLPMMC

Comments (7)

By Vincent van Dam

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17-09-2007, 11:24

Yay! It's released! Congratulations Ramones! Big smile
(now I just need the mmc interface)

By Manuel

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17-09-2007, 19:56

IMPROVE to emulate DSK files?? I think there's some confusion there. IMPROVE is a disk defragmentor.

Anyway, great work this! I'd like to see a side-by-side comparison with the Sunrise CF-IDE.

By wolf_

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17-09-2007, 20:05

Q: this was the submitted news.. so apart from typos, some English'ness phrase construction guidelines and MRC newspost guidelines, I didn't change a bit.

By Ramones

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17-09-2007, 20:17

About Improve... Smile

Other Interfaces (like MegaSCSI) need all DSK file in consecutive sectors in original partition of the file... ok? In DRLPMMC driver you don't need this. Smile Partition (and file) can to be fragmented, and DSK emulation works ok. Wink And works in FAT12 and FAT16 partitions.

Please, read the manual for more info Wink

By SaebaMSX

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17-09-2007, 22:09

Great Ramones!

I don't know why this launch was delayed... Question Tongue

And yes, Manuel, FDD emulation (DSKs) works as EP for megaSCSI but without needing the DSK (or set of DSK) file stored in consecutive sectors. Hannibal

By karloch

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17-09-2007, 23:39

What a great work! I'll test it this weeking if I have some spare time Smile


Master (172)

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24-09-2007, 12:53

Karloch,please report us about who this driver works!!!