Match Maniac freeware

by snout on 26-12-2003, 02:51
Topic: Software

Maggoo and Sunrise surprise the MSX Community with a pleasant christmas gift: the Abbyss game Match Maniac has been declared freeware. On Maggoo's website you can download the game and its manual. A small warning: the game contains some adult material and is thus not suitable for children under 18. Use it at own risk ;)

Currently, Maggoo is working on a universal platform game engine called Vscreen. You can download the latest preview version of this engine right here. This package is not only interesting for developers, as it comes with a small game (one level) that shows the very impressive capabilities of this engine. A level-editor is included as well.

Earlier this year Maggoo released the MSX - 20th anniversary demo and the Maggoo page promo. You can find many other titles created by Maggoo or the teams he was in (IOD and Abbyss) in our downloads database

Relevant link: Maggoo's website