MEGA challenge - 05. Night Pursuit

by wolf_ on 25-06-2008, 20:30
Topic: Software

Just right after Yermani Soft (Germán Gómez Herrera) submitted twelve BASIC games to Konamito's BASIC contest, he submits no less than four entries for the MRC MEGA Challenge at once! Combined, Yermani Soft singlehandedly provides an amount of new games to the world that would normally be a complete contest's entry count!

His entry Night Pursuit is a first person adventure for MSX1 in 64x48 pixels. The game (a 16KB ROM) requires MSX1, 32kB RAM and 16KB VRAM and supports an optional Joystick. The game and the PDF manual, are available in English and Spanish.

Relevant link: 05. Night Pursuit

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By dvik

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26-06-2008, 08:39

I know its outside the scope of the competition, bow hard would it be to make a screen 3 version of this game? I think it would work very well. In fact in screen 3 you can do even more with your tiles (e.g. have grass behind the tree stems). Its a really cool game and it would be nice to play it in full screen !

By ro

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26-06-2008, 08:50

wow, great entry. Original gameplay!

the "ctrl" key is a bit, dunno, screwed or something. When pressing the gunkey, music will be paused for a milisec which can be annoying. Holding the key for a longer period of time will totally screw the game/music/whatever.

But, as I said, it's a very original game. Have to explore this one a bit more.

By wolf_

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26-06-2008, 11:08

dvik, screen 3 is *inside* the scope of this competition regarding 64x48!



Oh, and screen 3 sucks for one thing: it's got no x.y access to pixels but odd character-style access. It'll cost you some lookup table at least..

By pitpan

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26-06-2008, 12:43

Well, the game isn't running at 50/60 Hz, therefore you should be able to spend some more CPU cycles in preprocessing the image before dumping it. Anyway, a full SCREEN 3 screen has 1556 bytes of information, plus sprite attributes if updated. That's a bit too much for a single interruption Sad

By Maggoo

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27-06-2008, 11:00

You can actually refresh an entire screen 3 screen and the sprites wihin a single interupt, I tried that without any special trick in some demo, it works, even for a simple Z80. Regarding the XY coordinates of the screen 3 I agree it's messed up. BUT I do remember that there was a trick existing to modify the attribute tables of screen 3 to have a somewhat more linear access, but it was vertical, by that I mean that all the pixels (well 2 of them really) were addressed sequentially in the Y order (a bit like screen 5 does but on the X axis). Makes it a lot easier to manage !

Anyhow, this is a fun entry, and I do agree, it would be nice in screen 3 !Smile

By Edwin

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27-06-2008, 21:07

wolf> look up table? You can convert x/y to a sc3 address in what I think was three asm instructions. Not that difficult really. Of course, 64x48x3x5 still run for the better part of an interrupt.


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02-07-2008, 16:02

There are not many FPS games on MSX, great entry!