Merry Christmas 2017 by Mapax

Merry Christmas 2017 by Mapax

by Pac on 21-12-2017, 21:50
Topic: Software

It's time for more Christmas congratulations messages and Mapax would like to share with you all an animated Christmas demo-card for your enjoyment. Now it is the turn of a hybrid ROM for MSX2 and V9990 videochip featuring a great tune by Meits. It is already available in our download database.

Relevant link: Merry Christmas 2017 by Mapax

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By Manel46

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21-12-2017, 21:55

We have made this rom with two purposes in mind. Firstly we want to congratulate Christmas to all of the colleagues of MSX scene and secondly to show a demo for the V9990 videochip, which I hope will gain supporters among the fans. But it is also a hybrid rom that also works on MSX2. If it doesn’t detect the presence of the V9990, it will run on MSX2.

The version for the V9990 VDP is made, as you suppose, with better quality graphics than any other obtained in an MSX
computer. They are 32768 colors graphics, which are represented with 16 bits per pixel. We have to keep in mind that in screen5 the graphics are 4 bits per pixel and in screen8 mode they are 8 bits per pixel, it’s the case of this demo working in MSX2. Logically, this means that graphic size is twice than screen8

By hamlet

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21-12-2017, 22:16

Yee-haw! Nice pixeling and music! Thank you!
Merry Christmas!

By ren

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21-12-2017, 23:00

YT vid? Face

By Manuel

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22-12-2017, 10:55

ren: just run it Smile

By Pippo

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22-12-2017, 11:57

A very beautiful demo, Mapax! Smile
Meits' tunes are always excellent! Smile
Congratulations to both of you too.

A Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

By ren

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22-12-2017, 12:26

I'll run it, YT vid doesn't hurt though? ;-)

By Manel46

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22-12-2017, 15:26

Well, there goes vid YT:

By Manel46

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22-12-2017, 15:29

It is in V9990 version. Face Face

By ro

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22-12-2017, 15:52

Could have fooled me with the tune being Cnoz's Smile

By Meits

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22-12-2017, 16:20

Oh, you already uploaded it... Me too, but I won't publish it here... I hate people visiting my youtube channel Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Hydragon

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23-12-2017, 20:29

@ren no worries, a YT version running over 90 minutes has been uploaded.

By Samor

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28-12-2017, 17:26

hamlet wrote:

Yee-haw! Nice pixeling and music! Thank you!
Merry Christmas!

Yee-haw indeed, it sounds like the cowboy's version of Jingle Bells.
Nice demo. Smile

By edoz

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29-12-2017, 11:24

NICE! I like the song in the demo Big smile (and the nice background)