MNBIOS - Second Demo Version added to downloads database

by snout on 02-07-2004, 18:09
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Today we have added the second demo version of the new MSX Operating System, MNBIOS, to our downloads database. As the current version of the OS only supports the Talent DPF-550 disk drive, this demo version comes completely packaged with openMSX, so that you can run the demo version of this OS on your PC. The package also includes a user manual with a list of the supported commands. You can download the demo of MNBIOS in either English or Spanish. If you want to know which features have recently been added to MNBIOS you can have a look at this changelog. Of course the developer of MNBIOS, flyguille, would like to receive any comments and suggestions to this demo version, in order to make future versions as good as possible. You can post any comments or suggestions in this forum thread

Relevant link: MNBIOS demo 2 - English
Relevant link: MNBIOS demo 2 - Spanish