The MSXdev'04 game development competition has brought us two more brand new MSX1 games: Computer wars and Mr. Chef and the Sausages.

Computer Wars is a business stragety simulation game created by Crappysoft. The game is all about the 8bit computer market. Mr. Chef and the Sausages is a game by MSXkun of Paxanga soft, who previously released Eat Blue for the MSXdev competition. This game is a port of a popular handheld game. Both new entries (and of course the older games) can be downloaded from the MSXdev'04 status page

Relevant link: Robsy's MSX workshop

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By BiFi

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09-08-2004, 07:37

The name Computer Wars remind me of an early '90s? demo, where two heavy-duty pc's (at least in those times they were heavy-duty) were completely blowing their circuitry out of each other with things like bombs, missiles, air-raids and that sort of thing. In the end of that demo there was (how obviously) the MSX spirit stopping that war.

Hmm... Might be quite a nice idea for some people posting on MRC who seem to have it in for others... Like ehrm... nah, I don't think it's necessary to name names.

By Ada

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09-08-2004, 18:48

Well, I really didn't know that was the name of an old game... it was not my intention to copy any name, although I reckon that is possibly a very 'common' title Smile

By mars2000you

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27-05-2006, 23:41

As you know probably, the MSXdev team website is hosted on my domain, the MSX blue domain.

But that's not all, I've decided to present on my site all the games of the MSXdev contests. For the moment, 5 games are already presented : Guru Logic MSX1 (see also MSX Valley for a complete walkthrough), Penguin Race (MP3 as bonus), Teki Paki, Chocobo Racing (2 MP3 as bonus) and Computer Wars.

This first Crappysoft production was until now only available in Spanish. I've translated both the manual and the texts of the game. Besides, I've succeed to create DSK versions (so, you can read the Basic listing and appreciate the R800 speed !!!). Also the header of the Spanish rom has been corrected.

Direct links to the Computer Wars packages :

English package :

Spanish package :