MSXdev'09 - #6 Menace

by hap on 01-12-2009, 22:01
Topic: Software

Right on schedule, TNI submitted their entry to MSXdev'09. Menace is an addictive space shooter, with some elements that may remind us of Frogger's highway. Its retro style is not a surprise once you realise it's actually a remake of Galaxy Wars, a 1979 arcade game by Universal.

Future will tell if eyestrained Red Bikini women vs graphician paulbrk will become the next overhyped million dollar lawsuit, perhaps not.

Relevant link: MSXdev'09

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By Hrothgar

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01-12-2009, 22:29

Cool graphics!

I wonder what the alternating colours look like on a real MSX connected to a CRT television. I guess it's hardly noticeable.

Would it be a good idea to promote this sort of graphical effects more by having emulators support it better? Currently BlueMSX has the setting to merge two subsequent frames which removes the flickering, but that setting in turn messes with certain scroll texts. Better emulator support might induce more of this technique on MSX, which (if I'm not mistaken) is quite mainstream in e.g. C64 development.

By hap

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01-12-2009, 22:41

Yes, it would look great in 1985 on one of those fat heavy televisions. But today's today, with everyone having flatscreens.

By Edwin

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02-12-2009, 00:32

All the more reason to want more of it! Tongue

By Paulbrk

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02-12-2009, 02:45

I have a crt Samsung TV 29" from 2006.
I recomend to use 60 hz.Big smile

By JohnHassink

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02-12-2009, 12:56

This one even has a nice introdemo and all, which is cool.
I'm glad the game goes at a really faster pace than the 'original' arcade. Makes it so much more fun to play.

By Imanok

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10-12-2009, 19:46

Nice and good-looking game conversion! Smile
The use of that interlaced mode is really curious... anyway, I think it's better using it for demos or static images than for game action screens.

By Hrothgar

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11-12-2009, 09:43

I think it's good to reach agreement on whether this should be regarded as a negative side-effect of the code used, or as merely an emulation or monitor glitch, in incorrectly emulating a typical 1980's MSX environment.

I believe the trick is widely used on C64 and fully accepted there. It opens a lot of possibilities with the very limited graphical abilities MSX1 has.