MSXdev'11 - #2 Kill Mice

MSXdev'11 - #2 Kill Mice

by wolf_ on 22-12-2011, 02:20
Topic: Software

A year of MSXdev can't be without Andrea Gasparrini, also known as Gamecast Entertainment. From Italy comes this second entry for MSXdev'11, a simple concept: kill mice! A plumber needs to kill these rodents in a factory full of platforms, ladders and pipes. While the plumber isn't moving as fast as the average cat, the average cat wouldn't be interested in picking up the jewels that are scattered around too.

Andrea has been working on his skills in the past year, and this game has some quality improvements over his earlier entries. Kill Mice was made using assembly routines in MSX-BASIC Will it be enough? In somewhat over a month we'll know who his competitors will be.

Relevant link: MSXdev'11

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By KdL

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30-12-2011, 03:01

It's fast using R800 MODE Wink


By MäSäXi

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31-12-2011, 12:26

This is surely the best from Mr. Gasparrini yet! Smile I like that music very much! But is it your own arrangement? If not, I would like to know where it is taken from, since I can´t remember ANY msx game which has "Rasputin" music and this is really well composed, so I would like to thank composer, who that person may ever be! Smile Or is it from some Spectrum game/demo? I am guessing it is, since MSX´ers nowadays sadly does not appreciate such european music style in their arrangements.

But I wish that Mr. Gasparrini would test play his games better, since this is good game and it is a shame that there is bug(s) in so visible place(s), like I cannot enter the stairs on the right in the very beginning of the game, when I walk to the stairs, player enters next screen and when I come back, he is 8 pixels lower in Y-coordinates, in the middle of the brick wall, but gladly he can walk to the right to escape brick wall.... I hope you could fix the bugs and send fixed version to msx-dev, so those people who want to play your games, could actually finish your game. Smile



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31-12-2011, 15:37

What about istituting a special prize for the game that wouldn't win msxdev neither if it were the only competitor... Evil