by hap on 25-12-2010, 20:47
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The coding group The New Image, active for nearly twenty years already and known for their consistent quality productions, has released a new version of their tool for loading ROM files into (SD-)Snatcher Sound Cartridges, ROMLOAD. Grandmaster BiFi has been put hard at work to improve it.

This version supports auto detection of Konami without SCC, includes improvements in conversion formats and more. What more there is, you will only know if you click the link below.

Relevant link: ROMLOAD product page

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By Sander

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25-12-2010, 21:48

Thanks BiFi for this update and it is indeed a great tool!

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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26-12-2010, 13:26

i think its the best romloader around
it works for the Playsonic too!!

By RetroTechie

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02-01-2011, 17:17

Due to misdetection of the built-in Ese-SCC, previous version was practically useless on my 1chipMSX (for example anything >1 Mbit couldn't be loaded no matter what). After a firmware update (to MSX2+ firmware) it did even less.

But this latest version works great, I can run many more megaROMs with it! 50/60 Hz option is also very useful. 1 thing left on my wishlist: erase "AB" marker when /S option is used, so that you don't need that stupid [power off -> wait -> power on] anymore.

By hap

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03-01-2011, 17:42

grandmaster BiFi says: check the /H option