The legacy of MSX Friends Zwolle

The legacy of MSX Friends Zwolle

by hamlet on 14-08-2019, 22:04
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In 1994, two boys from the city Zwolle (in the Netherlands), decided to play "software house" and founded MSX Friends Zwolle (MFZ for short). The main activity of MFZ was developing a diskmagazine called MFZ. The first issue was released in 1995, the last one in 1996. In the end 12 issues were released, containing reviews of games and magazines, programming guides, game tips & tricks and various other content (everything written in the Dutch language). Some issues also had demo versions of games on them (Solid Snail, Pumpkin Adventure 3) and some demos from other groups.

Besides the diskmagazine, some other software was released. The first major release was Guido's Lost in Plantinus, possibly the worst (MSX) game ever, mainly because it runs at like 4 frames per seconds and everything moves 16 pixels per frame. After that, a new programming "language" called TTA was created. It was more like a macro expander that could convert simple statements into an assembly listing. The final production was Advanced BASIC, a utility program that added many new commands to MSX-BASIC that could be invoked using CALL statements.

Fast forward to 2019: For some reason Guido's Lost in Plantinus was featured in Kusogrande (a game competition where players compete in the worst games ever made). For some reason, its main developer (Arjan Bakker) found out about it and decided it was a good idea to make all software released by MFZ available on

So here it is:

Have fun! (but keep in mind everything was developed by teenagers)

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  • The legacy of MSX Friends Zwolle
  • The legacy of MSX Friends Zwolle
  • The legacy of MSX Friends Zwolle
  • The legacy of MSX Friends Zwolle
  • The legacy of MSX Friends Zwolle
  • The legacy of MSX Friends Zwolle

Comments (6)

By meits

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15-08-2019, 17:18

I remember Guido's game... There was one big shroud around it of "what is this... thing... why do I have... it..." As well do I remember the reviews in several media...

Great stuff Arjan Wink Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Tongue

By Grauw

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15-08-2019, 20:35

I should still have Guido's Lost in Plantinus in a disk box somewhere… Wink

Thanks for the additions to the downloads database!

By Latok

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15-08-2019, 22:04

It was the only game ever I gave a negative review in MCCM....

By Arjan

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15-08-2019, 23:05

Meits: lol the reviews were the actual highlights of the game Tongue

Grauw: If anyone still has a copy, it's probably you Tongue Maybe it's worth 25 guilders now Tongue I don't have any original disks anymore...

Latok: And still your review was way too positive Tongue

By mars2000you

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16-08-2019, 13:33

There's some confusion in the links, as there is a 5A and a 5B edition. Links to editions 6 t0 12 are wrong and the real link to edition 12 is missing.

By hamlet

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16-08-2019, 14:19

I fixed that, Thank you for the notice!