Vscreen 0.8a

by snout on 27-06-2004, 23:16
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Olivier Hustin has just released a special alpha-version of his Vscreen platform game engine. New features in this version:

  • New intelligent (somewhat) enemies available which can move around independently in a level. Stop and turn back when they hit a wall, stop or jump down when they reach a cliff. Possibility to make them "bounce"
  • Load .lev files from VScreen Editor for PC 0.2 with all parameters, no need to edit parameters in the source code anymore
  • Animated patterns (flames)
  • Lethal patterns (flames)
  • Major code update: Optimization/memory map/loading system
  • Fixed bug in moving platforms

You can download the alpha version of Vscreen 0.8 right here. If you have bug-reports or suggestions for new or improved features you can suggest them in this forum thread. Before releasing version 0.8 Olivier Hustin would like to know if the current alpha release runs on turboR and if the FM-PAC detection works correctly. On his website you can find more information on Vscreen, planned features and the Vscreen map editor for PC. The demo version comes with two cool levels, but you can easily design your own.

Relevant link: Vscreen 0.8a