Wolfenstein 3D on MSX?

by snout on 28-02-2004, 23:05
Topic: Software

Ever since the very first first-person shooter, people have been wondering: Can MSX do something like this, too?. It resulted, for instance, in this theory on Doom engines on MSX. Enrico Barbisan of nrgo decided to give it a try in SCREEN 8, an unexpected choice.

Using only a part of the screen he created a small demo showing a rotation effect. You can find this demo on the Nrgo website, in the MSX Software section.

Relevant link: Nrgo's website

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By Sonic_aka_T

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29-02-2004, 01:04

Err... I don't mean to be an ass... But aren't those pre-rendered graphics?

By Ivan

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29-02-2004, 01:37

That's what I thought when I tried the demo...

By hap

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29-02-2004, 01:40

maybe snout was drunk and didn't read "WARNING!!! >>> "THIS IS NOT A 3D GAME ON MSX !" Smile" and "Do you really think this is Wolfenstein 3D running on a MSX2?" ? Wink

By anonymous

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29-02-2004, 01:45

Hey, he doesn't say anywhere it's a game or playable, does he?

By BiFi

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29-02-2004, 07:45

Maybe in SCREEN 3? Smile


Paladin (1012)

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29-02-2004, 22:39

that guys of computania did someting with stretching in the demo calculus
it was verry impressive.
MSX cant run a doom alike game u need a lot of processor power even turbo r is not fast enough maybe with v9990 i had a 3d demo for v9990 but it was to slow and had only 8 colors.

By anonymous

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29-02-2004, 22:43

You can do it on turboR and screen 4. It will look blocky, and you won't have perspective correct texture mapping (but you can do mipmapping Tongue). It's very possible...

By msd

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01-03-2004, 17:59

Poisonic , you mean msx3d.. it has 64 colors, not 8.

By enribar

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02-03-2004, 16:49

Hi to all,

I'd like to make a game in screen 5. You have 3 pages to store frames, if one page has 9 frames you could have 3x9=27 frames in total!
But there's more: if there's a routine to make zoom of images (using some COPY parameter or VDP register trick - *how?*) I could manage more frames! And if an image is not too complex I think zoom doesn't damage colors or details.

It could be a possibility, until we don't have a real 3D on MSX.


By anonymous

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02-03-2004, 17:50

Exactly what type of gameplay would you expect from a game like that?

By wolf_

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03-03-2004, 15:25

c'mon ppl, spend your efforts on classy 2d platformgames or birdview RPGs, rather than trying to come up with something suitable for democoders but unrealistic for gameplayers. Just use the MSX for what it can do.

If I have the choice between a Wolfenstein clone with 4fps and messy colors or a full-quality RPG or platformgame (or any other gametype that the MSX can do) I choose the latter one ..

And the arguement 'democoders showed us things we never thought an MSX could do' .. rememebr the ol' Fuzzy Logic saying? 'if it looks good on an msx then it's a trick'.

By anonymous

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03-03-2004, 17:28

Either that saying is nonsense, or almost everything you see is 'a trick'.

By wolf_

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03-03-2004, 18:47

What I mean is that when some msx2 demo shows something that looks like 3d then it's a trick. Just because some demo has some trick that appears to be 3d doesn't mean that you can do a complete game in 3d. Also, just because Space Manbow has 'multilayer stars' in level 1, doesn't mean that it's a real multilayer.. obviously it only works with 'stars', and only in screen 4... Smile

I don't call a normal platformgame such as Usas a trick .. just normal code.

By anonymous

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03-03-2004, 21:31

The 3D in Sandstone (Compjoetania TNG) is certainly no trick. All realtime calculated flatshaded and textured 3D. It's a brilliant piece of code that should not be insulted by being called 'a trick'.