Zero Gravity

by snout on 24-08-2004, 17:41
Topic: Software

Juanma has just sent us a new Crappysoft release: Zero Gravity. The game has been added to our ever growing freeware MSX software archives. Zero Gravity is an MSX1 platform game coded in BASIC. You have crashed your spaceship on a distant planet and have to find a new spaceship in order to escape. The game looks very nice, despite the fact that the gameplay is on the slow side. For those people who are interested in coding BASIC, the listing is well worth having a look at.

Relevant link: Zero Gravity

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By Manuel

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26-08-2004, 00:12

Definately a good game! Very colourful compared to some other MSX1 basic games. It's indeed a pity it's a bit slow. Try a turboR maybe? ;-) (Speed up options of emulators work too ;-)