Zippy race for MSX

by snout on 24-01-2007, 18:34
Topic: Software

jonemaan has released an IPS patch that patches the SEGA SG-1000 version of the racing game Zippy Race. On MSX, you can run patch with IPS4MSX. You can discuss the patch right here in our active MSX forum.

Relevant link: Jonemaan's website

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By only_69

Hero (565)

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25-01-2007, 11:35

Great to see this patch. I like these SG-1000 games. Keep them coming!! LOL!

By hap

Paragon (2040)

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04-09-2007, 17:01

MRC: If you want, you may add it to your downloads section, probably in patches->games (txt and source included, author=hap).