Django translations - Dragon Quest 1 (MSX2)

by wolf_ on 30-05-2009, 13:24
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The Dragon Quest series is one of the most popular game series of all time, selling 47 million units throughout the years. The games were made by Enix, a company name based on the words Phoenix and ENIAC (the very first digital computer). Being a Japanese RPG, it's not an easy game to play if you don't master this language, and at least not as enjoyable. This is where DJANGO comes in, and as with his many other partial translations, this new partial translation should make this game from 1986 a lot easier for you to play!

Relevant link: Django translations

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By Yukio

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30-05-2009, 15:58

Nice game for they time ... There are a lot of games on the MSX/MSX2 systems. I would need to get some cartridges later!

By mars2000you

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01-06-2013, 20:00

Time now for the full game map of Dragon Quest (MSX2 version) :

Enjoy !