by wolf_ on 31-10-2009, 13:52
Topic: Websites

As of today, a new MSX website has set foot in our MSX world: CheatMSX, an initiative from Hydragon. This is to become a website filled with cheats for MSX games. There's also an IPS tab on the website, which leads to the assumption that IPS files will be added in the future (currently there are none). For extra background information, CheatMSX is linked to the massive MSX game database Generation MSX. The current cheat database of this website is based on the openMSX cheat database, made by Vampier. Apart from Koetjemsx updating CheatMSX, you can also submit cheats and IPS files!

Relevant link: CheatMSX

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By Ivan

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31-10-2009, 15:04

Great initiative!

By Latok

msx guru (3861)

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31-10-2009, 16:17

Absolutely. We need such an archive!

By Ivan

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31-10-2009, 16:29

Btw Koetjemsx, serve yourself: link (no tips nor tricks, just loaders).

By Vampier

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31-10-2009, 17:19

Well Koetjuh forgot to mention one little thing: the base of his page is the openMSX cheat database. I did the linking and inputting of the names and most cheats in the database, too bad koetjuh pretends to be the only one working on it.

Here is the base:

By Hydragon

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31-10-2009, 17:43

I´m just back home from some private stuff, I talked shortly with Wolf on IRC.
Explained I was working on CheatMSX, but hadn´t much time too give more details.

I was on my own page putting credits and links to you and OpenMSX Vampier. was too fast with posting, they did it while i was talking on IRC, so it much has been a miscommunication or something.

It´s true the database is yours, and I thank you again, who helped me with setting this up and who has has made the list with the names and stuff in the database.

If they didnt posted that much and gave me time to write my own article to post. this would never have happened.

By wolf_

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31-10-2009, 18:16

I added and changed some text which gives Vampier the credits for the current content.

By Vampier

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07-11-2009, 10:01

I should give mars2000you also a lot of credit for the cheatdatabase since he's very active keeping me up-to-date with his cheats. The cheat MSX site looks great and everyone should donate a few cheats which they are missing Smile