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by Sonic_aka_T on 20-09-2005, 08:12
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The Generation MSX website was updated to include the newly discovered Konami title Keyboard Master. This very special title recently came under attention after NYYRIKKI sent in some photo's of the hardware and an MSX computer running the software on the MSX Info Update 2005 meeting. The Generation MSX software database now contains an entry with several nice screenshots.

Relevant link: Generation MSX - Keyboard Master

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By dvik

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21-09-2005, 16:31

The cartridge has PSG music and VLM5030 speech synthesis, so I guess you should/could add VLM5030 to the Music section.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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21-09-2005, 17:02

And by the way, the VLM5030 seems to be a PCM DAC chip, so the program could be adapted to use the DAC on TR machines or Pai no Majutsushi and Synthesizer cartridges.

By dvik

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21-09-2005, 17:43

The VLM5030 is more like a synthesizer. The synthesis looks simpler than an OPL but a lot more complex than an SCC. I think it would be quite a lot of work emulating the VLM5030 on a turbor but it would be cool to see if its possible Wink .

By BiFi

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22-09-2005, 12:55

according to some specs the VLM5030 does have a DAC, but that is next to the speech synth.

By Sylvester

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22-09-2005, 21:47

dvik, the VLM5030 is added to the music section Smile


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22-09-2005, 23:48

Then maybe the 16KB sample ROM should be mentioed in the "medium" as well...