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by snout on 26-12-2006, 20:08
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Recently, we announced the French MSX community at MSX Café moved to become Passion MSX. As of December 24th, Penguin & Pocky & MSXosaure have re-launched the MSX Café at The site offers news, photos, a forum, a look at an MSX museum and more.

Relevant link: MSX Café

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By snout

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26-12-2006, 20:08

ok, I'm dealing with little info here... has the original MSX Café (.org) team split into two different websites?

By msxgamesbox

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26-12-2006, 22:14

This assumption is totally correct. Following a crash with in September and a dispute between myself and the other co-webmaster, had ceased existing and was relaunched under my control & mars2000's as with reduced content. Since then, passionmsx has grown fast again but some members still wanted the msxcafe website to continue with a new design and new content, hence the new site.

In two words, there are now two french community sites handled by two separate teams on totally different servers. My belief is that this is overall beneficial to the french msx community as the two sites are complementary to each other.