MSX in rklok's showroom

by wolf_ on 13-05-2009, 11:55
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Ronnie van der Kolk, who often uses our trading & collecting forum for MSX software and hardware, has just opened a real showroom in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. In this showroom, various Japanese retro products can be found, for Nintendo, Sega, PC-Engine, Neo Geo, and MSX! The shop is open at Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, in the afternoons.

Relevant link: rklok's shop

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By [D-Tail]

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13-05-2009, 13:41

Something must be going right with the economic crisis Wink

By Grauw

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13-05-2009, 13:52

Very cool!

By konamiman

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13-05-2009, 15:34

OMG! It is like entering any shop in Akihabara! Very nice!! Smile

By Sander

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13-05-2009, 21:17

Looks great. Hope it all works out so we can enjoy it for a long time.

By dexx

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15-05-2009, 12:21

wow cool, i really need to go there.
nice job Big smile