MSX Solutions gets major update

by mars2000you on 02-05-2005, 01:10
Topic: Websites

Ever since MSX Solutions has been hosted on a new server, the site has received an increasing amount of feedback, especially from the Spanish community. As a special 'thank you' to all the visitors, no less than 12 maps have been added to the site!

  • Maze Of Galious (released by Konami in 1987)
  • Mad Mix (released by Topo Soft in 1987)
  • Hundra (released by Dinamic in 1988)
  • Phantis Part II (released by Dinamic in 1987)
  • Who Dares Wins 2 (released by Alligata in 1988)
  • Joe Blade (released by Players in 1989)
  • Pharao's Revenge (released by Eurosoft in 1989)
  • Corsarios Parts I and II (released by Opera Soft in 1989)
  • KrakOut (released by Gremlin in 1987)
  • Ninja Princess (released by Sega in 1986)
  • Venom Strikes Back (released by Gremlin in 1988)

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