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by wolf_ on 18-12-2008, 14:19
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Ten days ago Brazilian mapmaker only_69 announced his Metal Gear map in this newspost. As of today, this map is ready and available at MSX Solutions! The map is highly detailed, clearly shows where items are and which cards you need for each door. Somewhat unexpectedly, the map is based on the Japanese version of Metal Gear, so the dialogs shown are in the respective language. On the bright side: if you haven't played or finished Metal Gear yet, this map may well prevent spoilers as you now have to play the game in order to follow the story. Happy gaming!

Relevant link: MSX Solutions

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By JohnHassink

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19-12-2008, 15:58

Wow, wonderful! It even shows which card you need for which door!

One question: didn't you manage to get the English texts displayed?

By only_69

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19-12-2008, 16:32

I decided to make the map using the original version of the game since it has never been officially released in English. The same applies to Borfes which I am now mapping. I am playing both versions. The English one to advance in the game and the Japanese one to map the texts.

By hap

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19-12-2008, 16:49

Actually, MG1 had an official export (Europe-only?) release. Smile

By JohnHassink

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19-12-2008, 16:53

Back in the '80's, we had the European release at home.
I also saw the game on the shelves in warehouses and toy stores here in NL.
As for the ROM itself: when played on a "Western" MSX, (like my old Philips MSX2), all texts will be in English!
Same goes for Usas, Nemesis 2, Salamander etc.

First time I even saw Penguin Adventure, Vampire Killer and so on with actual Japanese title screens was only years later, on Japanese machines like Turbo-R and on emulators.

By Manuel

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23-12-2008, 09:53

Yep, the game was officially released in English, for the European market. But the translation quality is not perfect. There has been a much more accurate fan translation... Maybe you could have used that one Smile ah well, it's still usable of course.

By JohnHassink

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23-12-2008, 14:15

Yeah, after all he did manage to destoroy Metal Gear. Wink