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by mars2000you on 15-12-2005, 13:07
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Almost one year after its launch, the 50th map was added to the popular website MSX Solutions. This time, Fabio made a map of the action game Theseus, which was released under in 1984 by ASCII.

Relevant link: MSX Solutions

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By only_69

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16-12-2005, 00:18

To do list include The Cure, Higemaru and Dragon Slayer 4. Of course others may enter the list. Big smile
Stopped maps are Casanova, Batman The Movie, Eggerland Mistery, Castle Excellent, Wizard's Lair & Kaleidoscope Special. Crying
Walkthrough stopped - The Castle -> this one will be published soon for help!!
Walkthrough to be started - King Kong 2 (Visual) -> With the bless of Casper Smith. LOL!


MSX Solutions

By jltursan

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16-12-2005, 11:22

Lots of work here! Tongue