SCC PCM player demo for BASIC

van ARTRAG op 01-04-2016, 21:10

A little demo to add PCM audio to MSX BASIC and Turbo BASIC programs. Insert this rom in slot 1 on a NTSC machine (the vdp has to go at 60Hz or the audio will be distorted) and an SCC rom in slot 2. If the SCC is not detected you will see an error message.

Use USR0(n) with n=0..11 to recall the SFX (all the code is on ISR).

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03-04-2016, 13:52

do not use on pal machines or the audio will sound corrupted

Van giangiacomo.zaffini

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06-04-2016, 09:33

Good one. I will definitely try it on emulators and real hardware (although the only SCC I have is in FPGA form inside MFRSCC+ + SD). Thank you.