Campanera by Physical Dreams

Campanera by Physical Dreams

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Spanish software publisher Physical Dreams releases its latest MSX game called Campanera - Jozelito's adventure, a platform adventure with RPG influences. It will be available as a physical cartridge, boxed and all. Reservations intake for this MSX1 exclusive has started.

The last few years have been gentle to MSX game lovers as there's plenty of new games available from various software developers. One of them being Physical Dreams, located in Spain and very consistent in delivering good quality MSX1 games. Their first game, Venganza, is just a few years old. Since then, they've released one game after another. And all featuring distinctive graphics, both in-game as well as the cover art. Their latest game is Campanera.

The game is a humorous tribute to the 50's movie Campanera. The bell ringer, with Jozelito the child-singer as the main character in this game. Several other characters from the era of Spanish cinema also appear. The game is a mix of platformer, adventure mixed with RPG elements. All this with shiny graphics, mesmerizing PSG tunes and smooth game-play, packed together in exceptional cover art. In fact, the cover art is a hallmark for Physical Dreams as every publication contains some top-notch art work. Campanera is no exception.

The product is presented as a physical cartridge with full color sticker, box cover and ditto additional paperwork. The game is accompanied with an extra inlay containing a cartoon about Campanera, beautifully drawn by the author himself. If you've seen previous Physical Dreams work, you know what to expect. The game is playable in both English and Spanish language, as most of their games are.

Reservations for Campanera have just begun, ensuring a copy of this new adventure is as easy as writing an e-mail to Physical Dreams. For about 30 € it's yours.

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