Manbow2 => MégaFlashrom Scc+

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Van Manuel

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16-11-2011, 21:57

Here's (my) Manbow 2:

Van RetroTechie

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17-11-2011, 04:09

Hehe, both these carts would be very convenient / cheap FPGA 'development boards' for small MSX add-on projects that need few I/O's like SD card reader, simple sound extensions etc, etc.

I mean: nice circuit board, FPGA soldered on, MSX slot connector (gold plated contacts too, I assume?), a large Flash ROM attached, and a default application installed. What more could you want? (well: RAM, bigger FPGA, LEDs, switches, ...) Wink There's a lot you can do with 50K gates (so plz Sunrise, go make some more!). It's really too bad the board lacks easy-access solder points for unused FPGA pins...

Do these carts all use Spartan-3AN FPGA? Because I remember seeing a picture somewhere of MegaFLASH SCC with Spartan-II on it. This matters since Spartan-II isn't supported anymore by current ISE versions, so you'd have to use an old version of ISE to develop with it (not uncommon btw, to use 'ancient' software for hardware development).

Also it would be nice to know if there's other ROM cartridges that use the same hardware... Question

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