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Door Dhampird

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18-11-2011, 19:49

Hello, i´m wonder if anyone know how could i contact with the creator of that page, because i´m interested in comment one HB-F9s ram mod published in that page, refered to X5 circuit. I tried diagram of the page but i didnt get good results, works with 512K but i have problems with some keys in msx keyboard ,after the mod some keys dont work.
This is the page:


In the link seems like the X5 circuit belong to Carlos Maidana, please if anyone knows how can i contact him or B@ss let me know.

Thanks you.

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Van mars2000you

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18-11-2011, 19:56

Try this Google group (in Spanish, but English messages are accepted) :


Check also the front page of the B@ss website : http://www.basshp.msxall.com/

Van Dhampird

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18-11-2011, 22:04

Oks, thank you.

Van Dantyr

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23-11-2011, 00:25

Hi Dhampird,

I just sent a mail to Rafael B@ss abou your problem.