What was the first MSX game you ever played?

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Van anonymous

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01-03-2004, 19:36

I own the MSX2 version, never finished it ^^;
It's slow and euh... while kinda fun, the point of the game is really unclear.

Van Manuel

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02-03-2004, 00:42

My own first MSX game was "Topologie Europa" - it came
with the MSX I bought...

Topologie? You must be some mathematician! Smile

ANyway, the first games I have played will have been "Winter Olympics" (my dad got it with his VG8020) and the frogger like game on the demo tape (6 in one) that also came with the 8020. After that, I got some tape from my cousin with some other games on it. I only remember Polar Star being on it, at the moment.

Then my father bought MCM 14 and typed in Jake in the Caves. Played that a lot! So, this was all around 1987 or so. (Check MCM 14 for the date Wink

My first cart was Usas, which I bought much later, in 1993 or 1994 on the Tilburg MSX fair. I also bought Metal Gear there.

Van anonymous

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04-03-2004, 12:27

> My own first MSX game was "Topologie Europa" - it came
> with the MSX I bought...

Topologie? You must be some mathematician! Smile

Computer Scientist, actually. But math is only theoretical CompSci or
CompSci is applied math, depending on your favorite point of view Smile

My first Cartridge btw was Salamander.

Van Adolite

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09-03-2004, 15:59

Konami's Ping Pong. Still the best tabletennis game ever.

Spot on!

I only remember my first MSX-2 Games: Usas & Metal Gear!

But the games we played in the mid 80's were River Raid, H.E.R.O, Pitfall, Punchy, Buck Rogers, Beamrider, Norseman. Then, I advanced to MoG, Xanadu, Nemesis II, Salamander,...

Ah, it's amazing... The demon of MoG's World 8 still gives me more creeps than the deepest Unreal II Dungeons. What a gameplay!!

Van Apex

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21-03-2004, 17:28

The first msx game I played was also Vacuumania.. like the starter of this thread Tongue.. I played it on my toshiba HX-10 which I bought from an ad in the local newspaper.

After that I got completeley hooked on Pinguin/Antarctica? from Konami and Boulderdash.. The latter has very often been remade for various systems.. But it's still a great game !

After I repaired the spacebar on the HX-10 i got into playing Yie-Ar kung fu and Pippols.. After that I believe it was Zanac.. Around that time I bought a completely wrecked MSX2. it was totally in pieces.. So after a lot of soldering, gluein g and soldering I got it working.. That's when I got my hands on Metal Gear.. after that I started programming more than playing games....

Greetz Vincent

Van JohnHassink

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28-03-2004, 06:29

I think the first games I played were Lemans 2, Les Flics and Break In. On a tapedeck.
Disc Warrior and Blagger also come to mind.
Seeing those games work on me like a sort of mental timemachine, hehe.

There also was this game where you controlled a canon, which you could only move up and down, and you had to shoot tanks to protect your base. If you lost, the enemy would raise a flag showing a dead head on your base. I really can't remember the name, never seen it again.

And about Red Lights of Amsterdam: I had Amsterdam By Night. So you could see the "dirty" pictures without playing any cards. Heehee.

Isn't there supposed to be an MSX 2 version of Yab Yum? Heard of it once. Would be great, man!

Van Bryan_Fury

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31-05-2005, 09:11

My first game in cassette Alien8 & Knight lore

Van zett

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31-05-2005, 09:29

My first game was:

Fred and the bubleoits(don't now how to write it).

I hope that somebody got it on disk becours i don't have it.

afther this game it was bolderdash goonies kingsvaly enz ..Í think i Played all classics exept from the rpg.

Van wolf_

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31-05-2005, 09:36

Topple Zip

Van selios2000

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31-05-2005, 10:01


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