What was the first MSX game you ever played?

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Van SolidEric

Champion (332)

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31-05-2005, 16:30

Nemesis 1 was the first game I played at a friends house......when I bought my own msx2 (8220) I played konami's soccer, galaga and konami's boxing from tape ofcourse

Van Gorgane

Resident (62)

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31-05-2005, 16:32

I really started from the top by playing Bubble Bobble on Stt's Turbo R at the Pelikonepeijoonit party last year here in Finland. It was also the first time that i actually saw an MSX machine. I might have seen an MSX before at some flea market, but that is just a guess.

The first MSX game that i played with my own machine was Sky Jaguar that i got with my crappy SVI 728 when i bought it from a recycling center. I only paid 9e for the machine and two plastic bags filled with games and joysticks, so my venture into the world of MSX started cheaply.

My first MSX2 game was Vampire Killer that i just got from Japan for only 6.50e. It was a magical moment when i first booted my VG-8235 and the colorful Konami logo appeared. Big smile I paid 35e for two VG-8235 machines+26e for shipping from The Netherlands to Finland, but i just sold one of the machines on a Finnish auction site for 52e+shipping, so i only paid 9e for my MSX2 which is a very rare machine here. Smile

Van sjoerd

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31-05-2005, 16:39

yie ar kungfu or beamrider. Both on cassette Tongue

Probably yie ar kung-fu.

Van LeandroCorreia

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31-05-2005, 17:21

Antarctic Adventure (cartridge) and Rollerball (cartridge). Later I bought cassete tapes with Knightmare, Knightlore, Zanac, and Kaleidoscope Special.

Try to imagine my jaw dropping after six long minutes waiting for the loading of Knightmare (I had only an Atari 2600 before the MSX). oO

Van andete

Expert (97)

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31-05-2005, 17:33

First game ever was Antarctic Adventure on the VG8010 of one of the neighbours. Then I wanted my own MSX, I got a VG820 and the first game I got on that one was Nemesis II.

Van AnsiStar

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23-09-2020, 20:37

My first game i ever played on the MSX was Monkey Academy. But that was not my own. That was Antarctic Adventure and Shark Hunter... Wink

Van AndreV

Master (219)

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25-09-2020, 11:49

Which game I played first, prerhaps snowman or clapton2, we had a second-hand vg-8020 and a 60 min tape, on that tape was antartic adventure, sky jaguar, konami billjards , tennis aslo. I had bought le mans on tape. later a NMS-8255 and the first game on that computer was Nemesis, I couldn't believe my eyes. and recently I managed to finish the game, it only took me 30 years to do that.

Van tfh

Prophet (3321)

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25-09-2020, 12:18

Probably North Sea Helicopter. My stephfater bought it together with the Toshiba HX-10.
I really didn't like the game though...

Van AndreV

Master (219)

afbeelding van AndreV

25-09-2020, 12:30

tfh wrote:

Probably North Sea Helicopter. My stephfater bought it together with the Toshiba HX-10.
I really didn't like the game though...

I think my neighbor had the same computer, what i remember is dat his computer could load some games which I could not load.

Van jsepl

Supporter (16)

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25-09-2020, 13:23

The first computer game I ever played was Konami's Billiards, in mid 1985 more or less. 35 years ago!

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