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van snout op 12-09-2006, 01:11
Onderwerp: MSX Revival

Source: RetroPC and VORC

On the Nikkei Tokyo Gameshow website an extended profile can be found, announcing the activities on the booth of D4E we reported about earlier. To celebrate the introduction of the new One Chip MSX, several guest stars will appear on the D4E stand. We already announced the precense of Beepboy, DRM, Hally and YMCK but it will get a lot better than that.

Michiru Yamane of Konami (a female responsible for several SCC soundtracks on MSX games) and Yuuzou Koshiro of Falcom (one of the composers of the YS series, amongst others) will join in a talkshow with Kouji Hayama of EGG Music and the aforementioned Hally of Vorc. Throughout the three days of the Tokyo Gameshow there will also be several game competitions where nice prizes can be won.

Relevant link: D4E on Tokyo Gameshow - Japanese profile

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And when will I be in Japan? AFTER TGS! Crap!


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Too bad Grauw..... Crying

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