MSX Web Quiz #3

van wolf_ op 14-10-2008, 20:45
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If you liked MSX Web Quiz #1 and MSX Web Quiz #2, you'll be pleased to know that there is a third quiz online! In this new quiz you are given images of various items like pods, jewels, treasures and such. Do you know to which game they belong? Fill in the answers and prove your MSX knowledge. Are you an MSX game expert, or do you need to go back to school? Thrill and suspense, yet again!

Relevant link: MSX Web Quiz #3

Reacties (17)

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

afbeelding van wolf_

14-10-2008, 20:51


I suck once more! Hannibal

Van uberjack

Champion (328)

afbeelding van uberjack

14-10-2008, 21:18

9/21, Grrr.

I must say, however that two of the games are not named correctly - they are Twinbee and Boulderdash. I don't believe they should have spaces in the title.

Van ibantxuyn

Expert (127)

afbeelding van ibantxuyn

14-10-2008, 21:37

aggghr 11/20,
12/20 if the first one was Penguin/Antartic Adventure but WTF, is not????????? Sad

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

afbeelding van wolf_

14-10-2008, 22:02

check your spelling.. Tongue


Van meits

Scribe (6542)

afbeelding van meits

14-10-2008, 22:14

9... Can I have the banana?

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

afbeelding van wolf_

14-10-2008, 22:24

As for spaces in titles, can the script be adjusted so that the internal answers are stored without spaces, and the given answers are thus being removed of spaces?

Van ibantxuyn

Expert (127)

afbeelding van ibantxuyn

14-10-2008, 22:46

Oh.. yes.. im an idiot... only one letter remaining to got 12/21 Evil

Van ricbit

Champion (438)

afbeelding van ricbit

15-10-2008, 02:20

I like your idea wolf_, I'm going to change the script to ignore spaces Smile

So far I know no one who finished this quiz !

Van Zezus

Rookie (28)

afbeelding van Zezus

15-10-2008, 04:22

Got 17/21, it is frustrating...

Van viejo_archivero

Paragon (1395)

afbeelding van viejo_archivero

15-10-2008, 15:54

12/21... It seems I know the meaning of ESSCCCFFFF *AGAIN*

Van Arjan

Paladin (787)

afbeelding van Arjan

15-10-2008, 17:01

uberjack: the correct titles are actually TwinBee and Boulder Dash.

My score: 12/21

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

afbeelding van wolf_

15-10-2008, 17:05

hence, wipe the spaces and make it case insensitive.. Hannibal

Van msxgamesbox

Champion (397)

afbeelding van msxgamesbox

15-10-2008, 21:49

11/20 ... (16) black hole to me - never seen, never heard, never played. The other 8 i'm missing empty brain Hannibal

Van Manuel

Ascended (19465)

afbeelding van Manuel

15-10-2008, 22:32

hmm, very tough quiz, got only 15 so far... :S

Van MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

afbeelding van MäSäXi

16-10-2008, 10:30

What is correct answer to (8) ? It´s so familiar but cannot remember...

I got 11 points so far... Smile

Can we have correct answers someday somewhere? Wink

Van thinlizzy

Champion (259)

afbeelding van thinlizzy

17-10-2008, 23:07

missing only 5,8,16,17 and 18 Sad

Van LeandroCorreia

Paladin (962)

afbeelding van LeandroCorreia

20-10-2008, 20:46

I still don´t remember/know 5, 8, 14 and 17...

About the other quizes, well, just ask me. I answered them all. Wink