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28-10-2004, 14:46



	Each entry for this competition will constist outof:

	- A *.bls file (with levels 6-10 left blank)

	- Official name of the entry

	- Name of the participant

	- Email of the participant

	Each participant can present as many contributions as he/she wants. A set of 
stages will consist of 5 levels. Each level set will be rated as a unique 
set (the rates of a level set won't be added to any other set).

	Entries can be sent to until December 13th, 23:59 CET
	b) JURY

	The contributions will be rated by a jury of 5 members, one of them being 
the head of the jury. The jury will be formed by these people: Jesús Pérez 
Rosales (Team Bomba), Anne de Raad (MRC), Arjan Bakker (Team Bomba), Rob Hiep 
(Sunrise) and Sander Zuidema (MRC), with Jesús Pérez Rosales being the head of 
the jury.


	Each set will be rated as follows: each member of the jury will value the 
levels that are sent in, giving a maximum of 20 points per level. This means 
that the maximum score for a level set will be 100 points (the rates of the 5 
stages summed up). Then, the rates of that level set given by all the members 
will be added and divided by 5, so that the final rate of a set given by the 
jury will be 100 points maximum, the minimum being 0 points. In case of a draw 
in the final rate, the score given by the head of the jury will determine the
winner. In case of a new draw, the jury will feel free to discuss which set 
deserves a better place in the final ranking.


	After the competition is closed, the jury will take a few weeks to judge 
all the entries. The winners will be announced as soon as possible after the 
closing of the contest. The outcome of the competition as decided by the jury
is final.


	The contributed levels will be placed on the Bombaman HQ for download after 
the competition has ended. They can be downloaded from the Maps section on


	The prizes will be handed out at the MSX fair in Oss. Prizes for the 
competition will be announced shortly.

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Van BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

afbeelding van BiFi

28-10-2004, 15:34

Hmm... Why the decision for 5 levels per set in stead of a full set? I could understand the time issue here, but a full set still seems more fun to me than just 5 levels.

Van Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1786)

afbeelding van Jorito

28-10-2004, 19:17

Awell, you can always create a full set of 10 levels, split it in 2 and send them in as 2 entries Smile

Van jpgrobler

Master (154)

afbeelding van jpgrobler

28-10-2004, 21:53

Sounds like a fun challenge.
Is bombaman free for download to test the levels etc?

Van Sonic_aka_T

Enlighted (4130)

afbeelding van Sonic_aka_T

28-10-2004, 22:07

Sure! I'll just put up a link on funet! Tongue

(which ofcourse is my waying of saying "no, I don't think it'll become freeware just yet"...)

Van BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

afbeelding van BiFi

28-10-2004, 22:13

Like the newspost stated: If you don't have Bombaman yet, the game is still available at Sunrise.

(sorry for this shameless quote from the frontpage, guys)

Van Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1786)

afbeelding van Jorito

28-10-2004, 23:02

No problem, we like the extra commercial and attention Wink

Van BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

afbeelding van BiFi

29-10-2004, 08:08

I really need to hunt some serious bugs again then... Wink

Van Arjan

Paladin (782)

afbeelding van Arjan

04-11-2004, 21:43

did you already find some bugs?

Van BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

afbeelding van BiFi

04-11-2004, 22:04

If I would you'd be the first one to know...

Van Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1786)

afbeelding van Jorito

14-11-2004, 20:03

So... anyone working on some levels already?

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