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Door wolf_

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17-06-2012, 00:27

We like to add beginner articles to our wiki, and invite experts to do the same. But what's a bridge too far for a beginner looks like a piece o' cake for an experienced MSX developer. Hence, such simple subjects simply don't pop up in the minds of those who like to help and write. So, we'd like to invite beginners to suggest where you're stuck. We'll help by creating (generic) wiki articles for just that topic!

Ask what you want, though keep it realistic and practical. We won't create your game. But if you want to know how to create a sprite, how to move a sprite, how to build up the screen.. for those smaller questions, a generic article is ideal. Also, don't ask things that take a talented artists a four year college education to understand. So, questions like "how do I create a complete set of background music for my game" or: "how do I draw an RPG" are simply too large to make sense. Well.. of course you could ask, but the chances of getting an article that makes sense in return are pretty slim.. Smile

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17-06-2012, 11:45

IMHO there are cases where it is needed much more than just a snipet
I'm not sure one can start that far explaining

Van wolf_

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17-06-2012, 11:44

Well, someone has to write it, and writing about one delineated subject is more inviting to do than writing about the whole process of creating/coding/drawing/composing a complete game.

Van ericb59

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26-06-2012, 22:46

i would know how to play background music in basic !

Van meits

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27-06-2012, 15:25

Good one.

Van meits

Scribe (6530)

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23-12-2012, 15:37

One for the hardware experts and for us to learn from:
I'd like a table of what all (read: a lot of) default MSX computers can deliver WATT-wise to their cartridgeslots en next to that a table of the consumption of the various cartridges so one can calculate what's save to connect in the slotexpander(s)

Van sd_snatcher

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23-12-2012, 22:45


I added the info about the current limits on the hardware design tips article.

Van yzi

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31-01-2013, 19:23

The Panasonic turbo R machines have a lot of Japanese stuff in their hardware, software and documentation. It would be nice to have a place where to accumulate translations and other stuff about the turbo Rs. For example, what are all the funny keys... On the left side of the space bar, there's a button "torikesii" which I think means "cancel", and on the right side one that says "jikkou" (実行) i.e. execute or something. Right? Where are these buttons used? I don't know enough of the language to even find out that information anywhere. How about all the software that's embedded in the rom, and that you can access by toggling the switch next to the turbo speed adjustment, or saing "call hiro", how is it all used?

Van mars2000you

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31-01-2013, 19:41

Yzi, you can find some useful infos on this French website :

About turboR :

About MSX-View :

The "torikesii" and "jikkou" keys are only used in specific applications such as MSX-View.

Check also these pages of the blueMSX manual :

Van yzi

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afbeelding van yzi

31-01-2013, 20:14

Thanks for the links! I already knew about the BlueMSX page, but the French pages were new. I'll leave those to Marq, he knows French. But anyway, maybe this is appropriate stuff for the existing Panasonic FS-A1xx wiki pages, without adding a separate page for the Japanese aspects.

Van Alexandre_Taito

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08-02-2013, 07:52

I'd suggest the "dummy's guide to DE0" and DE1. I did something like that here:

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