WTF MRC, Seriosly? :D

Door MsxKun

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20-06-2012, 22:44


I just noticed this in the youtube section of the right bar! LOL! !

Holy Cow!

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Van wolf_

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20-06-2012, 22:52

Yea, we've spent big money to have a large and respected research agency make a commercially profitable profile of all our users.. and this is what came out of it. Hannibal

That.. and the YouTube bar is updated automatically by the website, not by the crew.

Van Jorito

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20-06-2012, 22:57

That's what you get when you search Youtube for the latest MSX videos Tongue
Unfortunately there is no good way to filter out stuff like this...

Van MsxKun

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20-06-2012, 23:36

Yep, I guess, but anyway I had to post. It was too LOLish to miss the opportunity Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Van AuroraMSX

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23-06-2012, 15:17

...and all that just after my doctor adviced me to eat less meat. Hmmm, I love a good steak Hannibal

Van MsxKun

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23-06-2012, 15:27

And this is MSX steak!